A few more…

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Still not getting all sms, so please follow up with a call if you get no response. Apologies. Thank Telstra.

Some more pics…

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Some pics…

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Long time between posts … !

Well, life has certainly been busy and eventful since the move. Mostly in a good way.

The space at Parramatta has kept me busy and I cant say i miss the travel down Parramatta Road at all. I have instead with the help of a few key people (thank you !!) been putting that energy into creating a good space. So far its been an evolving yet worthwhile project, with both regular and new sluts alike …enjoying the amenities shall we say 😉

Unfortunately a few months back that abruptly came to a temporary halt after a motorbike accident. I am fine now, and back in full swing (pun intended) but had to take it easy for a while. The first session afterwards, I remember walking out amazed at how much I had needed/missed playing. I guess in that regard I am spoiled doing this professionally.

I may have needed to recuperate, but the bike was fine. A few cosmetic grazes but nothing major, and we have since been reunited on the road 😉 I missed that too. Anyway, having fun being back in the playroom again. I will upload some pics over the next few days. Too many fun sessions to go into details this far down the track. Choosing a few pics from the many taken will be difficult enough.

Who knows, it may not even be as long between posts now i can use my hand/arm again 😉 Look forward to seeing you in the playroom 😛

If i dont get back to you regarding a booking within 4-5hrs / next morning pls call.

Telstra service is still playing up. Some sms arent being received. Two booking requests lately that i know of.

Plus one from voicemail saying i had unread messages.

Thanks !

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