June Special – Fridays

Special rate for 1 hour Mistress sessions on Fridays including this week, till the end of June. Ring to enquire !

Busy !!!

Busy first week back at work. I will update with a proper post later this week…

Keep an eye out for an upcoming special ;-)

I’m baaaaackkkk !!!

Finally back, thankfully earlier than expected.

And I have been itching to get back into the dungeon. I cant believe how much I missed it and all of you ;-) Also very much looking forward to putting the new toys to good use.

I am booked tomorrow (Thursday) daytime, but otherwise am available moving forward. Just call to discuss/book.

Cant wait to torment… ummm see you all :P

New stuff in the mail…

20150422_212434-1My new anal plugs (the medium and smaller), both arrived with the extra pad attachments. Had a fun session that night giving them all a good testing, loads of fun to just play with the settings, adjustments on each. So many different sensations. Post more on that later ;-)20150422_212831-1

stirrupsbAnddddd today I got home and found the sling stirrups had also arrived ! yay. Now I just have to wait till I am back to put  them to good use :/

Exciting, new toys !!!

Looks like the attachment for my fucking machine will be here Friday afternoon.

Also ordered a couple of different sized electro butt plugs and some different sized pads too ;-) They should be here Monday arvo. YaY !

Oh how my anal sluts will love this…. perhaps ;-)

drillfuckerI just ordered an attachment for my drill. That turns it into a fucking machine like the pic on the left. The site however does not deliver to Australia.

Being the resourceful Mistress I am however, I found another site that sells the attachment for the drill/dildo. I already have the drill ;-)


The description reads:

“The Ass-Attack® has been know to cause some very intense orgasms.  It is machined from Aluminium so it is easilyassattack cleansed, won’t rust and is strong enough for us to put a lifetime warranty on it.  One end fits the vac-u-lock dildos.  It is grooved so it won’t spin inside the dildo.  The opposing end is machined to fit a 1/2″ drill chuck or a 1/4″ cordless screwdriver.

We recommend lots of lube and low r.p.m. and we highly recommend using silicone based lube with this product.  Water based lubes are absorbed by your body and require numerous re-application.

Ass-Attack is inserted into a cordless drill like a screwdriver bit. After the adapter has been secured, you can attach the appropriate dildo to the adapter. Press out the remaining air that is still in the dildo. Please do not use any lubricant gel between the adapter and dildo! During use, we recommend generous “lubrication” of the external surface of the dildo. For this, we recommend only silicon-based lubricant gels. Please be careful when using Ass-Attack. Practice makes perfect here as well. For the first “attack”, try lower speeds! ”

Hahaha Im gonna have fun with this, and may actually get some use out of my drill :P

Some former pics ….

Trawling through an old account online this evening I stumbled across these, thought some of you may either remember or enjoy them ;-)

52955_90059892_90058460_90061637_900    51781_90061354_90059543_90028579_300         132165_90033115_900125555_900107550_900114212_900120561_900 108023_900131991_900108285_900113846_900