About me

ImogenI am a lifestyle switch with almost a decade’s experience in BDSM and am currently available for professional bookings in Sydney, Australia. I have been working professionally now for five years, the first four spent gaining experience at both of Sydney’s professional BDSM parlours.

I am equally comfortable with dominance and submission as well as sessions which blur the distinctions between the two. I take extreme pleasure in most aspects of kink, but particularly enjoy intense play and pushing both myself and my partner’s boundaries.

It does need to be stated, though, that for me intense play doesn’t necessarily mean painful play – some of my most stimulating sessions have involved nothing more than a continuous torturous exchange of tantalising sensations.

Equally at home clad in my collection of corsetry, fetish wear, delicate scraps of lingerie or a light coating of sweat, I am the physical personification of kink and perversion. My long black hair and flashing dark eyes bring to mind archetypal images of feminie power but can also demonstrate an intense passivity and submission.

A slender and yet busty Australian size 6 I am lithe and curvaceous yet athletic enough to subdue you. I wear a size 6 shoe and with my collection of stiletto boots and shoes, I am able to satisfy even the most discerning of connoisseurs.

Most of my sessions involve some level of collaboration and intellectual and emotional exchange and whatever your interests I can find a way to accommodate them. As a lifelong bisexual I am more than willing to welcome men, women and couples as play mates.

I also welcome Masters and Mistresses as well as Dominants in training. I enjoy playing with switches, submissives, bottoms and fetishists of all persuasions.

My interests include but are not limited to:

* discipline/corporal punishment
* CBT / Ball busting / Nipple torture
* electrical torture
* mummification and leather restraint
* sensory deprivation/stimulation
* dehumanisation and objectification
* physical/situational humiliation
* medical – including needles, suturing, saline infusion
* anal – including strap on and fisting
* roleplay – including interrogation and mind games
* foot/shoe fetishism including trampling
* breath control
* latex sessions
* partial cross-dressing
* orgasm control and denial
* watersports

35 responses to “About me

  1. Bow down to you Mistress,
    Another query i want to clear. Actually i have never been a slave, but after looking at your Gallery I am little afraid. Can I be your chair? Are you so merciliess?

    Thank you for your time.



  2. Mistress Imogen i did call u tonight but u must of been asleep so ill u tomorrow plus im from western australia


  3. Hi mistress Imogen im new 2 this and just wanna know 2 u do roleplays like mommy/son,teacher/student etc if so we can discuss in more detail.Mistress Imogen can i have my bum spanked by ur hand hairbrush and paddles please


  4. Mistress,
    I have always wished to see you for a session but have always been a little scared but I I have dreamt for too long. I want to experience a full cuming experience without touching my cock. Merely from anal stimulation! Is this something you can help me with?

    Where are you based and how much for a session which will probably turn into multiple sessions?

    Thank you,
    Slave Bernie


  5. One day I will make it all up to your if you ever decide I’m worthy to do so. My goodness, just can’t get you out of mind… More than Perfect for Anyone, novice to experienced. Cutest thing you’ll ever see and most sadistic. Biggest adoration!! Keep well


  6. WOW is all that comes to mind I can not wait for you to do to me as you please in any possible way you desire.
    Will confirm my booking for Thursday night and with any luck wendsday night for a mind blowing session. So between now and then my mind will be going insane picturing what MY GODESS MISSTRESS will do to my mind body and most of all my arse that longs for MY GODESS MISSTRESS to streach and fuck as SHE desires.
    N.B Fantastic web site excellent detail

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I love that you are so open about what you do…as an Erotic writer I find that it is difficult to find people so open about what they do. You are fantastic. Keep playing.


  8. Mistress Kruel told me you are now playing in her dungeon, i`ll miss her but also hear you`ll fill the void (or maybe mine) quite nicel, will be in touch very soon 🙂


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