Careflight Charity Ride, Old Road

And this is what i get up to outside the dungeon …. ;-)

Careflight Charity Ride, Old Road

Gallery updated !

Finally updated the gallery, just another 80 or so pics – boy i have been busy !

Enjoy ;-)

Drum roll…. Outcalls

And the news is, I will now be available for outcalls across metropolitan Sydney.

Outcall bookings will be directed through a booking agency  who will verify details and send a car to collect me. The phone number is now listed under my contact details.

Any special requests (outfits, equipment etc) should be advised when booking. My rates are the same for outcalls as for on premises.

I am very excited being able to offer this service. Now I can arrive dressed, relaxed and ready to take care of my waiting slut… ;)

That aside, I had planned/hoped to have the gallery updated as well as the blog but its been a rather busy/fun weekend in the dungeon and I simply havent had the time – it is a priority though and not far away lol

Watch this space….

…. over the weekend for some VERY exciting news.


For my tardiness in posting and updating the gallery, I’ve been rather busy with bookings and also been knocked down with a horrid head cold too. One of the joys of riding a motorbike in all this rain of late.

Regardless I am fighting fit again and raring to go. Had a few fun bookings last week which I will update here as well, most probably Tuesday.

23 August 2014

Well what a slow week that was, with all that rain. Big girls, a little water scares you. Try it on a motorbike ;-)  I am very much appreciating a respite from the deluge as I believe next week shall bring more. Dont be scared, the dungeon is well heated and I am sure I can more than ‘warm’ you up a little ;-)

The rain also seemed to draw the wankers out from under their respective rocks with a few fake bookings. Usually my nose is fairly good and I was spot on with these. A few more numbers added to my blocked list ;-)

I understand sometimes people cant make an appointment or even change their mind / get cold feet. But at least do me the courtesy of cancelling and not wasting my time. I dont waste yours. If you dont confirm and you dont cancel I assume you arent genuine and I dont take another call from you. No exceptions.

Having said that I still had a few fun sessions, a couple of new sluts as well. I have been running an ad over the past few weeks, something I do sporadically. Dont lose the number, or web/blog address as while I dont always advertise – I am always taking bookings.

One fun new gentleman had never tried anything like it before, however had played with some anal. I started the session off tying his cock up securely, before blindfolding him and laying him down face first on the bench. I wrapped his limbs with pallet wrap and strapped him down so he wouldnt be able to wriggle far ;-)

Some weights on his balls I proceeded to tease him with some light sensation play trailing suede floggers and the like over his skin. Alternating sensations, teasing his cock in between making sure he stayed nice and hard. Wasnt long before slut was bucking and thrusting that arse of his in response.

Starting lightly I gave that arse a nice spanking, nothing too hard for the first time. After which I removed the restraints, turned him over and focussed my attention on his nipples and cock.  Some nice tight pegs on those nipples while I ran the Hitachi over his cock and balls.

I began teasing his arse with my fingers, working the slut up enough to move him to the sling and get my strapon on. A nice medium sized dildo to start as the slut wasnt lying when he said he had had some practice ;-) Slowly built him up to a nice steady thrust, pounding that cock of mine deeper each time.

Slut was moaning, begging to cum and eventually he was granted permission. I burst out laughing when he did, shooting the whole way across his shoulder to the wall haha.

A very spent and surprised slut lay before me. He was surprised at how relaxed and peaceful he felt. I explained a few things about natural body chemistry and play to him ;-)

Besides, I was nice. No pain :P

More later….

19 August 2014

Fun session tonight. A bit of domestic servitude for a change. Amused myself using the slut as a table for the coffee he made me.

Even took a momentary digression from not smoking to use his mouth as my ashtray.

My boots received a nice polish with his tongue before I made him do some cleaning polishing a few leather whips. Finally after he endured our torrential rain naked to put out my garbage…  I allowed him to wank.

Taunting him and denying him initially I let him finally release,  ordering he cum over my clean boots.

Of course now sullied he had to once again clean them with that tongue not missing a drop…