12 July 2014

PVCSo, as I said new thigh highs, sandals and PVC arrived. I had the skirt altered to fit, the top meh – i think i will keep it to dress some of my sluts in ;-)

I have been rather busy of late with a lot of fun sessions to update about. Some fun pics too! That is tomorrow’s focus.pvc5

In other news I have been doing a few double sessions with one of my Mistress friends from Salon Kittys that I used to work well with. We have complementary styles and have a lot of fun together, so if you are thinking of treating yourself please enquire ;-)

Copy of mefullOther than that, life has been pleasantly drama free – just the way I like it ! I quit smoking (again shhh) three weeks ago, very proud of myself. Lets see if I can avoid caving this time lol

Anyway, more tomorrow – this was more of a quick hello to you all … and to leave you with a few pics :-)

Copy of d1

You have mail…

Yes ! New thigh high boots, shoes and PVC arrived today ;-)

The skirt and top are a little big,  nothing an adjustment wont fix. Boots/shoes fit perfectly.

Long Weekend

Hi Folks, quick reminder that I am available for fun this weekend if you are so inclined ;-)

I will be catching up with a blog entry Sunday or Monday.

Stay safe on the roads and remember, double demerits !

28 May 2014

Great news today, my new PVC and boots are on their way ;-)

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

So, this long overdue post…. an understatement i know. Its been a while :-) I hoping those I haven’t had visit me in the dungeon have also been healthy and happy in my absence.

As for myself, well life has been busy on all fronts. I am still in the same house I moved too just before I took a break here and have just signed another 12 month lease.

I was not looking forward to moving again and I am happy here ;-The Beast) As are the cats – and that is the most important thing, well one of them. Sadly over new year my youngest went blind. A lot of stress and expense later, and we still dont know the cause. She has otherwise seemed relatively ok. And its amazing how adaptable they are. For my part, my days of rearranging the house are over.

Over the last 18 months I was also working a part time office job for a bit of variety. My background for those who arent aware, is corporate level executive assistant support (good practice for what i do now ;-)). The position was regular, close to home and a culture which suited me.  After a few recent challenges that proved insurmountable however, I took my leave and am now back to focussing solely on the dungeon.

This year has Fog I rode down intomostly been about the motorbike which has come to the age of needing a bit of TLC. Again, at some expense over the past few months. Well worth it, as once again she is a joy to ride.  I had been nursing her till I could get the work done. While she was being worked on I had the generous loan of a CBR from friends. That was an experience, my first go on a bike that wasnt a cruiser. It was fun :-)Christmas costume

I made a few of the charity runs, not many just for fun though. Well not enough lol. The Christmas rides were a lot of fun, dressed up riding around town. The kids expressions priceless. And an overnight ride to Bathurst for one charity run, also somewhat challenging as it was torrential rain the whole way there and back :/ The cause, Childrens Brain Cancer – was worth it. Made an attempt at the Black Dog Day ride but that was the beginning of the bike requiring some TLC and I didnt make it far that day at all.

Last wRebreather bag on gasmaskeekend I spent a few days down south near Nowra with friends. I havent seen them in quite some time, so it was good to catch up with both them and their daughter. Kids grow up so fast, especially when they arent yours :P I rode the bike down and back, taking the more scenic route on my return trip.

This coming weekend I am away again on a bike trip with a group which I expect to be rather entertaining if nothing else :-) We are also camping. I dont camp so this will be an experience outside my comfort zone lol. Hopefully after some timely purchases I will be well equipped to stay warm. Also I discovered it pays to be kid sized, my purchases costing half of my friend’s ;-) lolRebreather hood

Anyway – enough on the personal side of things… back to the dungeon :P

Been having loads of fun there too both with my regular sluts and also new ones offering themselves for torment. We have acquired a few new bits and pieces over the past year or so as well. And I am about to look after a rather unique piece of equipment for one slut.  More on that later.

I have had the pleasure of catching up with some of my clients fromLatex funnel hood years back, overseas visitors that have been back in the country. And there have been some hawt and horny switch sessions ;-) I also conducted my first overnight session not so long ago. Again with a gentleman I used to see when i was at my previous establishment. That was an intense experience. For us both ;-)

I have had some intense sessions involving switch roleplays, kidnappings, breathplay, anal, discipline, electro. Cock canings, cuttings, sutures, fistings

Also had some fun with rebreather bags and hoods lately. Not something I have played much with before. I do like the increased control it gives me over how much air is available but also allows it to run out so much more slowly… grin.

As to the item i promised to mention later, one of my sluts into breathplay and with a fantasy of being buried alive (his pics are on my site in the perpex lidded pit) has had custom made a coffin with a breathing tube that can be plugged. There is a pic here from a shoot that involved the coffin ;-) I will be looking after it for him and cant wait to get him inside !

He came in recently for an overnight session. I am not sure who was more exhausted bCoffiny the end of it lol. It was amazing though, lots of breathplay and restraint, plastic bags and gasmasks and being able to just get lost in it and explore was magic.

Anyway, I think I have written enough for one evening…  I am going to endeavour to update more regularly again as time permits ;-)


Hi all,

I am available over the christmas period. I wont be working my other job either so I am all yours for two whole weeks ;-)

For that period (21st December to the 5th of Jan) I am going to run a special, so call to enquire.

Hope to see u in the dungeon for some fun !

Remember me???

Yes, i am still alive. Yes, i am still working. Yes, i am still at Petersham :-)

Shock horror expect an update tomorrow ! lol

Yes, I have been slack…

In my defence I have been busy. I will find the time to write, i am not going to promise when though. I keep missing that deadline lol.

And next week, the dungeon gets a ‘spruce up’ :-)

From tonight, fun session…

Say NO to $2000 CTP-Greenslip – IMPORTANT!

CTP Greenslips – Motorcycle Council of NSW.

Write to the Shooters and Fishers Party as well. Write to Pearce and make a noise to the politicians about this one details are above…. this is NOT just an issue for motorcyclists but for us ALL.

Please read and get involved !

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Wednesday, 5th June.


NSW motorists are about to be left at the mercy of the huge insurance companies under plans by the State Government to re-vamp the CTP Greenslip scheme.

Some months ago, Premier O’Farrell announced plans to reduce Greenslip prices by removing the litigation from the system, blaming lawyers for holding up compensation payments to accident victims and for increasing the cost of the scheme.

But the legislation that embattled Finance Minister Greg Pearce is attempting to ram through Parliament makes it clear that the only lawyers being removed from the system are the ones representing motorists, while the insurance companies will still have the luxury of using their in-house lawyers to try and stop paying out to innocent accident victims.

Dave Cooke, Manager of the NSW Motorcycle Alliance said today, “In the past, much of the litigation in the system was between the insurance companies, with one insurer trying to prove the other insurer’s client was responsible for an accident, because who was at fault determined which Greenslip policy would have to pay out. Under the new proposals all motorists will claim against their own Greenslip after an accident, not that of the person who caused the crash, so insurers won’t be fighting with each other anymore, they’ll be fighting against their own customers to prevent paying out.”

Christopher Burns of the Motorcycle Council of NSW agreed, adding “The problem with the legislation is it doesn’t really allow the victim to use a lawyer to protect themselves against the insurers who refuse to pay out. Even if the motorist wins, they won’t be able to claim back legal costs. So the only lawyers that have been cut out of the system are the ones working for innocent accident victims, while the insurers can have as many lawyers as they can afford.”

Both the MCC of NSW and the NSW Motorcycle Alliance represent hundreds of riders who have felt first-hand the power of insurance companies who are more interested in shareholder profits than meeting their obligations to injured people, and hold grave fears for how motorists and riders will be able to protect themselves against the insurers’ behaviour under the new scheme.

It appears that the new legislation has been written totally for the benefit of the big insurance companies, at the expense of the people of NSW, particularly those who are unfortunate enough to suffer serious injuries in a road accident. The new legislation contains no new measures to put a halt to the massive profits the insurers make from the CTP scheme, but contains a lot of measures to reduce the benefits that innocent accident victims are entitled to in terms of covering their costs and loss of income, making it difficult to see how it is anything other than a cash grab by the insurers, with the assistance of Finance Minister Pearce.

NSW Motorcycle Alliance – Dave Cooke 1300 937 433 dcooke@motorcyclealliance.com.au
MCC of NSW – Christopher Burns 0418 486 660 cjburns@ihug.com.au

Anyone with concerns or wanting to have a say/keep abreast of the discussion and developments, there is a facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/groups/488378801234326/

Say NO to $2000 CTP-Greenslip – IMPORTANT!

15 May 2013

Hope everyone is well :-)

I managed to catch that horrid lurgy that has been going around which knocked me out of action for a week.

Other than that been busy as always, blog post this weekend on all the fun :-)

18 April 2013

Apologies to all, for my very slack approach to blogging of late.

I have simply been too busy both in the dungeon and outside of it, and as time has passed things are not so straight in my head ;-)

I shall endeavour moving forward to be more disciplined in my approach lol. Having said that, I have had a lot of fun with some wonderful sluts.  Some new and some regular visitors. Missed a few I had hoped to see over Easter due to changes of  plans but you get that, hopefully next time. Have also had some hawt and horny doubles with Master Damion. And a few just as horny switch sessions.

Outside of the dungeon I have been keeping busy with a variety of stuff, including getting out more on the motorbike for group rides. The Black Dog day was a huge success nationally for lifeline which is awesome, Sydney had 450 bikes participate. It was also extremely tiring, especially with the heat.

Tonight was a fun session with a long time regular. A gentleman i enjoy seeing, this time I had his cock and balls tied, a blindfold on, and the slut positioned on all fours restrained to the doggy bench. Easy access to his nipples, cock and arse. All of which received my attentions until the slut was ordered to cum.

I love my ‘job’ ;-)

22 March 2013

Hi all,

I promise a post soon. Things have been hectic on all fronts of late.

Loving the new house, busy cleaning and settling in :-) The cats love it too, which is even more awesome.

Have had a lot of fun in the dungeon also which I shall write more on later.

Sunday I am attending this…. very excited, hoping for a huge turn out and no rain please !!!

Finishes around 2pm, available for bookings late afternoon or evening ;-)


10 March 2013

Busy and fun weekend in the dungeon. Oh boy did I need that ! :-)

Will write up a post this week when I have some time.

23 February 2013

Busy and fun few days in the dungeon, a couple of horny doubles with Master Damion and a couple of  cock hungry sluts. I have the pics of one of them at least ;-) Will update blog over the weekend or next week.

Speaking of next week – Wednesday 27th I shall be unavailable during the day as I will be moving house :-) As the removalists are doing all the hard work, I could be enticed into the dungeon that evening. I’m easily tempted :P

Availability will be back to normal Thursday next week, however I wont have internet access until the Friday (it gets disconnected on the Wednesday).

If you want to get in touch between Wednesday and Friday, phone is the most reliable method :-)

20 February 2013

Yes I am still alive and well, although that was almost debatable – got hit by another car yesterday coming home. Lucky for me, myself and the bike are both fine. His car not so much. People need to look out more for bikes, as they slogan says – look twice !

Other than that I have been incredibly busy, both inside the dungeon and out of it. I have been in the process (still am !) of moving house, packing everything up in my spare time and starting to clean the place from top to bottom. Not to mention looking for another place to live.

Very pleased to have found someplace over the weekend, my god there are so many dumps out there. Never mind what they are asking for rent, eesh. This place is 5 mins from where I am, and I love it – so I am very much looking forward to getting in there and making it home.

I am so pleased at having found somewhere I love, that I am spreading the Karma with a special on all hourly  sessions until the end of the month when I move. I suspect I will also need the extra stress relief in the dungeon to cope with all this moving ;-) Call to enquire.

Speaking of fun and stress relief, I have as I said been very busy since I last posted. Lots of new clients also which has been fun.  Not to mention the pleasure i get at seeing my regulars too. Some fun with a strap on slut I have been seeing for a while, we are catching up tomorrow for a session with a difference for him. Master Damion shall be joining us ;-)

An overseas client was in town and I took great delight at tormenting him with assorted devices, electro, sounds, clamps, cock rings, was and golden showers. I had the pleasure of a couple of sessions with this gentleman. One of my regular sluts also popped in for some humiliation, being treated like the dirty slut he is, having his arse and mouth raped.

Some fun too with a newspaper  fetishist, pics were posted previously. I enjoy his session because its different, I got a tad creative with the newspaper though and left myself one big mess at the end to clean up lol. Thats what happens when i lose myself in the moment.

Also visits from a few of my anal sluts, all very different characters and very different sessions. From deep fisting, to double fisting, to strrap on play. Some hard and rough, some slow and erotic. Some of those pics I also posted in previous entries :-)

And as a contrast to the newspaper, a visit from my plastic fetishist. Mix that with breathplay and you have one of my favourite sessions :-)  This time though we tried something different, vacuum sucking the air out of the body bag once he was inside.  It actually worked quite well *grin*.

Lots of fun with roleplay too, i love playing the strict head/mistress. Disciplining norti boys. One session also included not only discipline but face slapping, cock and ball torture and finished off making use of that virgin arse ;-) Another involved dressing up in latex and my leather hat, leading the slut around the floor on a leash telling him what was going to be coming to him before I took advantage of his holes.

Last but not least, lots of fun with another new client who I am much looking forward to seeing again. His session more intense than most I see. We started off with him on his front, some electro to the cock and his arse while I went to work on him with the cane and floggers. Following that with burns, cutting and wax. Turning him over he was subjected to more wax and whipping before I covered his cock in needles, which he had not tried before but loved. Thought he might ;-)

Very much looking forward to Friday night’s session too, an extended one with a regular slut of mine who is going to be taught how to take real cock in his slut holes. Ahhh this I shall enjoy *grin*.

Anyway…. back to more packing !  Busy day in the dungeon tomorrow.

Some pics from today…

A very busy day indeed, lots of fun with three very different sessions. Some pics from one of them…
IMG_6351800 IMG_6345800 IMG_6348800

Yes yes I know…

I keep promising, but nothing forthcoming. There is, just not yet :-)

I do have good reason, I have somewhat been overtaken by … well, life. Outside the dungeon that is.

I will be moving in 4-6 weeks, and after nearly 9 years in the one premises – thats a lot of packing and cleaning up to do. Especially with other work commitments etc thrown in. I am grateful I had a clean out not long ago after a housemate moved out. Even so…

I also had to go to the CTTT over some issues around the above and that took quite a bit of time preparing the application then getting myself ready/covering my bases for the mediation. Thankfully all went well, but talk about exhausting ! And frustrating. Much rather be in the dungeon any day :P

Luckily there has been plenty of that to keep the old stress levels down. I just need to find the time and headspace to get it all down.

All going to plan, tomorrow will be a busy day in the dungeon. That i am looking forward to ;-)

21 Jan 2013….Following on from the last post…

The perfect cucumber...It was a fun but late Saturday evening, today was spent catching up on domestics. Still havent trained those cats.

Also had to get prepared for an important meeting tomorrow afternoon requiring a small forest in paperwork. Terribly exciting stuff I know :P

Having said that, in between I have still managed to have some fun in the dungeon just not write about it. Sucks to be you ;-)

Soon, I promise. Soon…

Back to the phone saga, my brilliant idea to fix my dead phone turned out to be good in theory, not so brilliant in reality. Again if you wish me to put your number into the new phone (my number is the same)  please send me a text saying who you are.

Maybe also a few details of what you are into if i havent seen you for a while. Or if you have a common name first name :-)

I guess its a new year, a fresh start with the phone cleansing, and another more significant one not so far away. Closet hippy here :PDoggy bench

Australia Day Weekend

I will be around and up for some fun in the dungeon for those not otherwise celebrating :-) I will also offer hourly Mistress sessions at a special rate for the three days – call to enquire ;-)

I might have just talked about a lot of really boring crap, other than the mention of a discount but at least I distracted you with horny pics.

They go with the elusive post ….

All things non-kinky…

Yes, I know I promised an update and it shall be forthcoming.

Unfortunately I got home last Friday evening to have a tree bough come crashing down on the power lines and the neighbour’s carport. The evening was spent going back and forth with various people, including the SES who kindly assisted. Emergency services dudes rock, any agency.

Then last night, after working perfectly all day…. I get home and my phone has died :/ Awesome end to a great session. Quick dash to the shops to get a new phone before they closed. Unfortunately I seem to have saved all my numbers on my old phone not the sim card. I have an idea to hopefully get the data but I am not sure it will work.

SO, if i dont know who you are when u call or message – dont be offended :-) Also if you wish me to put your number into the new phone (mine is the  same number) please send me a text saying who you are. First name is fine, maybe a few details of what ur into if i havent seen you for a while. Help trigger the ole memory :-)

Now I have a nice new smartphone to set up and learn. Awesome :/ Another exciting Friday night, my booking unfortunately cancelled.

Superstition says thats the end of that crap – now for the good stuff :-)

10 January 2013

Yes I have been remiss in writing about all the fun I have been having, given the time of year and other commitments I think I can be forgiven though ;-)

I shall endeavour to update at some stage over the weekend. I hope everyone had a fun and safe new year’s eve.

More pics from the other evening :-)







Pic :-)

From this evening :-) More on that later.

18 December 2012

The past few weeks I have been kept busy with sluts new and familiar, as well as a few I havent had the opportunity to see for a while. Also something I havent done for a while, a sub session for me with the sybian – intense ;-)

One new slut was very amusing. His session simple in content but hilarious in reaction. I kept him on the edge of orgasm regardless and he was made to beg to cum before he was allowed release.

A visit with a slut I last saw back when I first started working professionally. I had fun teasing that cock of his, being incredibly sensitive. Slut found himself restrained on the bench with the gasmask on as I teased him with some breathplay and sensation play.

Another of my sluts popped in, I blindfolded him, tied his cock and tormented those nipples of his before putting him in the sling and fucking his arse hard with dildos, the hitachi and both fists. A few times ;-) Some needles to his cock and balls before he was made to explode all over himself.

I had fun tormenting a cheeky slut. Starting with him blindfolded, his cock tied and cuffed to the winch. Some weights to his balls, his bottom soundly spanked, cropped and strapped while teasing that cock of his. Uncuffing him and ordering slut to lay down, I stood over him and delivered a golden shower through my knickers to his open mouth.  Repositioning slut in the sling, I shoved the wet knickers in his mouth then fucked him hard with various cocks. When his arse had had enough, I turned my attention to that cock of his wanking it through my knickers, removed from his mouth. I finally allowed the slut to cum, forcing him to suck those knickers clean after.

A surprise session with another regular that I havent had the pleasure of seeing for a while now :-) Ah how I have missed tormenting him. I started with the gasmask and some discipline, slut restrained to the bench face down. He did very well, given its been some time. Even taking the cane which he hates ;-) Once his bottom was nicely welted, I decided to decorate it with some needles.

Removing them, I turned slut over and teased him some before moving him to the sling and fucking his arse. That itself was funny, having been so long he was startled by the intensity asking was it always like that. I had to laugh at the expression on his face ;-) Regardless he took my fist a few times before being spent and allowed release.

Another delightfully submissive slut dropped in for some fun. I started out with him restrained to the winch, some discipline delivered to that pert little bottom of his, jutting out so nicely. I moved  slut to the bench from there and continued to torment him with some electro play, pegs, tease before releasing him again. Ordering him to his knees I made him suck my cock, deepthroating it as he did. Unfortunately for him I made him laugh when doing so causing him to choke. Amusing me even further as I realised what had happened.

Slut was finally put in the sling and his arse was used well, fucking him hard with my strap on until he didnt know what he was feeling *grin*. Finally I allowed slut to cum making him lick it off my fingers.

Last but not least some fun with a gentleman I havent seen before, but hopefully shall again. Lots of fun with him restrained to the winch for some discipline before being moved to the bench for some electro, flogging, wax, sounds, sensation play and tease. Releasing him I fucked his face with my strap on before moving him to the sling and fucking his arse with it. Slut proved to be more accommodating than I was led to expect, something to explore a little deeper next time ;-) Finally I moved slut to the floor and pissed over him while he wanked, cumming over himself.

Looking forward to even more fun in the coming weeks ;-) I hope everyone is enjoying the festive season and looking forward to xmas.

16 December 2012

Busy busy. Blog update later today I hope, if not then tomorrow. The Xmas special has been so popular I am considering extending it into January.

Availability – Christmas / New Year

Unlike last year, this year I will be available  for bookings over the Christmas and new year period.

Between 24 December and 6 January that also includes Monday and Friday day times.